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Defending The Christian Church

How can each Christian believer defend the Christian Church?
By standing firm on God's Word, defending the faith, being unapologetic to the moral teachings of God's word.

The Church must not be silent on addressing the sins that are destructive to the life of an individual that are taught in God's Word.

The Church must not turn a blind eye to warn those in the church of a society that wants to transform those in the church to be like the world.

What would be some of the relevant immoral lifestyles and sinful practices of our modern day society that are destructive to an individual?
Abortion,  Homosexuality,  Same Sex Marriage,  Sex before Marriage, Adultery,  Pornography,  Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

The Gospel Message is the only hope that one has to be forgiven of  a fallen sin nature that needs to be born again by the Holy Spirit.

The Church, which is made up of born again believers, must tell others the Gospel Message, the way to  escape God's eternal judgment in Hell and the way to be saved and have eternal life in Gods Kingdom in heaven for all eternity.

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